Hi, I think what you are doing is amazing. I have felt alone at many times in my life and it would have been good to have someone like you there to listen. I just wondered if you had any wisdom that could help me. I am unable to talk to anyone about it. The relationship with my ex ended over 5 and a half years ago. To put it blunty he was horrible. I however have never been able to get over and heal from the relationship. I still feel those intense feelings of love even though I also hate the guy. How do I get over this? How do I give my whole heart to my partner who is lovely and I care for deeply?

Please let me know if you know.
Thanks for listening, Claire

Anonymous said: I have a beautiful son, two beautiful daughters, a husband who is a lovely man but he doesn't 'get me'. They've been away on holidays for the last two weeks now (out of phone range) and not a single soul has called or visited. I guess I've just realised that not one person in the world has missed me or missed talking to me in the last two weeks.I guess that speaks voumes about me hey.

How many people have you called? Don’t sit in darkness and let dark thoughts seep in. Get out. Embrace life.

Anonymous said: Hi Jeff, I watched you on the Jeff Probst show. Your energy was amazing. You are a wonderful example of someone who reached out and connected without fear of rejection. My entire life has been ruled by fear. Even now, at my age, 62 years, I am afraid of failing and not ever being able to recover. I am afraid of reaching out to anyone because they may find me lacking something and reject me, making me more afraid the next time. I admire you. Best wishes.

Face your fears head on. If you’re afraid to fly, fly. If you’re afraid of rejection, jump at it. Life is but a blink. Don’t die wishing you had’ve done something.   

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